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One Month project
Saturday, July 25, 2009

I miss posting my rants Its beeen a month since ive posted, ive been really busy that i cant post...busy making this skin && some other things at school. Last week's our monthly test so i have to study. Im proud I got good grades, I got perfect a score at physics i dont intend to boast, im just proud to say it HAHA Moving on, it took me a month to do this skin, considering its my first time so its alright even if it took forever. Good thing i found a tutorial from sixseven.org really helpful. I actually havent updated some of my other accounts because i was so focused on this and im really happy im done with it now..after this ive planned to do an OG profile again, iI lreally dont much liek to open friendster anymoer so now a huge upd8 maybe && plurk also. Karma down ..everytime i check on it. HAHA! && now im planning to make an acct at facebook wew..based on that i think hm. ill think about it

I just remembered, next week ill take exams at UP urgh
i havent even took that UPCAT learning chu-chu..&& i havent even study yet..it will be due this august one..&& urgh again, the time would be 6:30 am. Heck, i dont wanna wake up early at a saturday morning. So if it will be 6:30 i have to wake up at 5 am to prepare things.Err goodluck to me.. && to my other classmates

&& so ive created a facebooook account
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Thursday, June 11, 2009
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Yey! Another work of mine. I made a desktop background for our PC.Actually i was surprised , i discovered that animated images can be use for desktop bg,wala lng haha! It took me an hour to finish this I think. An hour that cost me backpain ouch..But it doesnt hurt now. Well,Its still woth it as you can see . Hee Hee, I miss working with silhouettes since I lost our cs2 ,our computer was formatted then. My computer life was almost ruined without it (exagge) Time passed..I downloaded cs3 portable at my cousins house. Fortunately,after months using ps7..i was finaally blessed. Of course i liek to use the newer version so that I can avail the new brushes only higher versions can duh..heehee. I cant find a rainboow brush so I manually made/drew it with path tool este pen tool. Mano-mano na lang kaya mejo sabog ung bahaghari kung makikita mo.haha!

Applauses to:

Cs3 Portable
Deviant Art for brushes && ideas
Me & my cousin's PC

Recently I have been watching movies..enjoying the time i have left before school starts . The thing im not actually excited about, im planning not to attend the first day .I hate orientation.I hate inroducing myself, im the shy kinda type haha.So Going back, i just watched transformers..it was simply amazing. I dunno why I didnt decided to watch it then when it was shown on the big screen.It was cooool && im speechless haha.Im looking forward for its next chapter.Coming soon on theaters also Final Destination 4..im not really into gore movies but this one hooked me up.

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Petrified xD
Friday, June 5, 2009
So here's the new work of mine This is the latest. Credits to deviant-art for the images. PS7, urgh lack of brushes.What do you expect from an old version. I'm still waiting for the approval of f-layouts to post my works there. Darn! its took me ages to sign up there, hee hee.I have to screenshot and resize the image. And YES! Fortunately..i finished it at last .Hooray here it is.

It's a lollipop theme this time

Chupa Chups inspired hahah!


Hooray! School is moved due to rainstorm, nooo.. im not actually sure why? but its a good thing, i should celebrate. HAHA! Now i'll be moer comfortable enjoying the book im reading the fact that i have moer time to finish it yea. But unfortunately, the next upcoming series of the book is due on october i think. urghi'll definitely wait long err. So one week moer before school..well its alright with me being at home than in school. Surfing the net than studying hee hee At least i can make use of my time making layiess i guess, so i can improve my digital art skills hahaha! So far i think i already made five? I think i should post it soon. Theyre not that expert looking so i accept negative comments. Yeah anyways..a tribute to myself my inspiration.

click him (:

he's so fiine, i dont need photoshop to edit (:
eeeng!!!.cant resist i edited it

animated also haha.darn remote file too large cant make it my ava

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